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Originally Posted by mklym View Post
Ran this overclocked for games, and it's fine, can play Crysis on high, and most other games run just great.

Condition: Replaced the whole top plastic case with the 9400 edition, with new mouse pad buttons, and the keyboard with a brand new one. The screen has full pixels and looks like new still. Everything else works on it, including the DVDRW. As for wear and tear, it's got quite a few marks on the bottom and some on top as it came that way. Nothing which affects performance obviously.
That is cut and paste from an email from the seller. I should have it next week and will update the thread with gaming performance.

And 'high' does not necessarily mean 'max'. To me 'max' is all settings as high as they will go (res, AA, etc), where 'high' can mean just about anything above minimum. I'll find out for sure next week.
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