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Default WC parts needed to finish build, barbs and hoes man, barbs and hose...

Hi all, I need a few parts still to finish my first w/c build,

I was ready to go but all my used stuff came with 1/2 barbs so the hose I have already doesnt fit.

So I either need a bunch of 3/8 barbs (and hose if its a decent deal), or a bunch of 1/2 barbs.

I need 12 in total, but I could make due with as little as 8 3/8's or 10 1/2 inch.

preference to the bitspower type that came on my cpx-pro pump, I like the look of those... lol.

as for hose, red prefered.

also need some plastic hose clamps, red or black please

Also any UV CC's would be sweet, or red
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