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My System Specs

Default Core i7 heatsink

Hey guys..

I don't know much about the latest heatsinks so I need some help here.

I'm buying some new things, including the i7 920 CPU, which will be used with an Asus P6T deluxe motherboard, and from what I'm reading my current heatsink won't be enough to handle it for overclocking..

I have a Zalman 9500 right now using it in a Antec 1200 case, and the case provides fantastic ventilation.

I really like the design of the 9500 with the blue LED, and was wondering if the Zalman 9700 cooler would be enough to cool the i7 enough for a decent overclock?

How does the 9700 compare to other air heatsinks? Is the difference huge?

I know that I will have to buy an adapter to fit it, I have that part figured out already, I just need to know if this heatsink will be able to cool it fine.
I will also be getting Arctic silver 5 thermal compound to help as much as possible with the cooling.

Thanks guys.
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