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My System Specs


Getting a higher shader OC by downclocking the core that is a good question. I tried this with my 9600GSO back in the fall when I first started fooling with Video card OC and I got no different results, but that was the only card I tried. Generally speaking, I am not sure, but is a good question!

Saw this post on the folding forums: Folding Forum • View topic - Overclock for GPU F@H
"Good call on this one guys. I was able to unlink my shader and core frequency on my 8800 GTS's, so I lowered the core clock to 385mhz, lowered the memory clock to 595, and raised the shader clock to 1513 so far. My performance in the app has gone up about 30 percent, but my temperature for the card has dropped 10 degrees C so far. HUGE difference since my G80 core cards run hot to begin with."

Haven't verified this, I wonder if anybody else has tried? When I get home I'll see what I can do with my GTX+ on this, as I have not gotten any shader OC stable on that card, which is factory OC.
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