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Originally Posted by Eagle Eye View Post
LOL @ RjBarker dude I swear who've gone mad

Likely I am just as mad as him if you want it and and can afford go for it because I would do the same if I had the coin.

Get atleast DDR3 1600 though, I'd keep your quadfire setup also and your PSU

Performance that depends man gaming not much likely the overall system performance would be far superior as long with your memory.

The i7 is a crunching machine if you fold or use a lot of multithreaded apps than its the machine for you. Oh and there's also braggin rights and having the latest hardware.

so the quad fire would be better than 2 GTX 295's??

does anybody know if the oct core i7's does come out in the future, do we need to have another mobo or does the X58's satisfy?
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