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Originally Posted by dheian View Post
Working on ordering my first build since the mid-1980s...

Thinking of ordering the EVGA 680i SLI mobo to go along with an 8800GTX, an E6600 slapped in a TJ09 case with a BenQ 24" monitor.

a) Any strong reasons not to and if so, what recommendations for comparably priced mobos?

b) I thought I read in one of the reviews that some CPU coolers are a tight fit on the EVGA...any suggestions for a good one that does fit?

Also, probably ordering from NCIX. Is it true that they don't charge Ontario PST?

No PST for Ontario :)

If you can wait 2 weeks there are price drops coming and new CPU's released. Will give you an option for Quad core or one of the new 1333 FSB chips in the same general price range as the E6600 is now.
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