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My System Specs


You seem to already know what you want and need, so that is good. If you are happy with the 4870X2 then get that. I'd recommend a XFX, HIS, or Visiontek version, just do your research on the warranties. If you plan to watercool it, definitely go with the XFX Card, as they are known for having the best warranty of the bunch (they are however brand new).

As for the G.Skill Ram you are looking at, they should be just fine for your needs. However there was a thread over at XSF a while ago, concerning some overclocking issues, but I can't say for sure if it was these chips specifically. I personally have run G.Skill Ram for many years with no issues.

For your last question, you will never get an answer for that. Dual or Quad, it is all preference. The E8400 will be perfect for gaming, but so will the equivalent quad. Basically just decide on dual or quad, and pick the chip for your budget. As far as duals go, as I have owned three now, I can guarantee you will be happy with the 8*** series chips, and all have a very decent overclocking overhead, with the proper cooling.

Good luck with your build, as it should be quite the 775 monster when you are done.

Oh, and lol at the tags. Oh again, and that price chart you posted above, just remember that those prices are in US dollars.
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