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Originally Posted by Cadence View Post
i plan to use my rig for awhile atleast, i'm not ocing for hot benchmarks, i just want to oc to get a bit more outta my cpu . my friend that works at cc says i should lower fsb and up multiplier
I would tend to agree with him. High FSB is all fine and dandy if you know what your doing, but if your just learning, I'd try and stay under 500FSB.

As for CPU-Z reading your ram as 6400, thats okay/normal, as technically nothing higher than the PC-6400 spec exists according to JEDEC. Your ram was programed to meet JEDEC standards to ensure maximum compatablity. The you'll notice the EPP colum contains all the speed and timing settings that you paid for.

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Remember all DDR(1, 2, or 3) is "double pumped" so 400=800, 533=1066, and so on.

As for what and who JEDEC is, well, JEDEC is the association that creates and sets open standards for memory, they set out what speeds, voltage and etc ram must meet and sell at. Technically when you bought PC8500 ram, you bought PC6400 ram that is guaranteed to run at PC8500 speeds by the manufacture, as PC8500 doesn't exist according to JEDEC. It's just politics and slowness by JEDEC to meet what the industry is pumping out.
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