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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Lithotech View Post
Looks quite comfy to me! Betcha it's nice and warm in the winter!

What model XFX board?

What's that on top of the UPS? Infra Red thermometer?

I see an Abit external display thingy, came with the Max3 or 3rd Eye? Nice boards, I have a s754 Max 3 I use for a home server, has more sensor data than my DFI's, very nice, I love it to death and will never let it go. Damn, I'll have to start a museum in 10-20 years, because some of my junk will be so far out of date...

Not familiar with the ECS PT890T, but been plenty pleased with some of their others.
Being next to the furnace is great, and during summer time it's the AC - even better... What you don't see on the pic are the washer and drier which are behind me... hello noise! Fans? I don't ear no fans...!!!

I'm using the same board as you, the XFX 650i with an E2140.

I have nothing on top of the UPS (which is behind my Thermaltake case with the yellow back) - what you see is a Nikon Coolscan V professionnal film scanner with a film cartridge holder sitting on top of it. It belongs to She-how-must-be-obeyed....

The 3rd Eye came with the AS8 that is installed in the Thermaltake case, and is folding ATM with an Intel P4 541 @ 4.0, water-cooled by Koolance. It's a great mobo, never, ever failed or BSOD'ed. Ever.

The PT890 is fine, very stable board - but I can't oc the darn thing. That's why I bought the XFX 650i, for 247 folding with the Swiftech Premium kit. As soon as the replacement board arrives and is installed, I'll take some pics.

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