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My System Specs


Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
Damn. 330 posts in a month.

Note that if you're building for a friend, he/she might call you 24/7 when they get problems with their computer, since you built it. I've heard of this happening and friend's going like "well you built it for me, so you have to solve it for me" or something like that.

The Intel E7300 is currently OOS at Tiger Direct.

Instead of that 4GB set, get OCZ/Corsair/Patriot/Mushkin/G. Skill 4GB DDR800/DDR1066 RAM set for around $50 to $60 after savings and rebates on NCIX.

What resolution is he gaming at? Since he's a NVIDIA fanboy, I'd say GTX260 Core 216.

Since he's not overclocking, just use the stock Intel cooler. If he really wants to go aftermarket, OCZ Vendetta 2 gets my vote.

As always, wait for tomorrow's NCIX sales and see what you might change to get better performance or to save some money. Don't forget to price match!
If I had a dollar for everytime you said 'Price Match...' My LC System would be built lol!
No worries , I will keep my eyes out.
I usually get called anyways to problem solve issues at home / work / friends at all hours so that part is a fact of my life no matter what I do.

Yeah, I like the OCZ, he was looking at WC I think mainly because I am prepping to do it myself. SO, perhaps I can dissaude him from that.
I'll look at all the RAM Available, and see if I can find one for a good price.
THanks for the Post Geo,
And yeah, I know 330 already....I talk a lot. But, it feels like home here in a sense, ya know?

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