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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
did someone say messy basement?

and yes, the ECS mobo in the front is passing memtest with flying colors. the HSPC has the defective XFX mobo and the swiftech kit in it.

looks like it's RMA time....
Looks quite comfy to me! Betcha it's nice and warm in the winter!

What model XFX board?

What's that on top of the UPS? Infra Red thermometer?

I see an Abit external display thingy, came with the Max3 or 3rd Eye? Nice boards, I have a s754 Max 3 I use for a home server, has more sensor data than my DFI's, very nice, I love it to death and will never let it go. Damn, I'll have to start a museum in 10-20 years, because some of my junk will be so far out of date...

Not familiar with the ECS PT890T, but been plenty pleased with some of their others. Ran one of my kid's Clawhammer 2800's in a 760GX that was pinned at the boards max HTT, completely stable, and took an afternoon of just messing around to get it there -- impressed, and fun. The 760 version has AGP, and a basic set of memory timings and cpu control, the 761 is PCI-e vid and has basically nothing for ram and cpu lol. I still have the board with a Sempy 2800 in it, slapped in a Dell Dimension L600r case (Pentium 3 lol). Was an upgrade for a client who backed out, leaving the system and a bunch of his other parts with me.

I'll probably post it in buy and sell forum if I get time, here's some pics of it.

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