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Originally Posted by Patriote View Post
But i still think that sswilson is the king of the messy cave!
I totally conceed that!

Like I tell my wife (or anyone else rude enough to comment on the pile of boxes I let accumulate there), it was organized chaos!

I actually knew exactly where any of the parts were that were in any of the boxes. It was all stuff I knew I wouldn't need immediately.

When I pulled it all out, I sorted through and repacked much of it, lables on the boxes, and neatly stacked in a corner of a spare kitchen we have in the basement here, ready to go back in there once I have some bigger shelves in place.

For now, I still have to get in there with a vacuume, then go pick up the countertop a buddy has for me that will fit from that wall to my current bench -- real nice solid wood piece. Looking forward to it, stuff like this simply doesn't happen fast enough for me, nowhere near enough time in the day for my to-do lists!

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