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1/ nothing really important that i can think of...shouldn't have any problems powering up with 3 sticks of memory for the first time either.
2/ the package drivers are all i have used...and the stock BIOS should be fine, but you will want to update the BIOS as the newer ones offer plenty.
3/ No idea about HP, but Vista Premium 64-bit is what i have spent the majority of my time in with this board.

standard rules do apply though, if you have issues from the get go, simplify the system by removing un-necessary hardware. i honestly had a breeze of a time with the EVGA board but with that said, i don't have trouble with many setups. user error or in-experience can be accounted for a lot of the issues you see in a manufacturers support forum. if you know what you are doing, you should be fine with this board...its a piece of cake.
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