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Default Integrated mobos - best video?

Hi, Im trying to build a nice little low budget rig for light gaming but mostly apps and internet.

I wanted to use the biostar 8200 but its backordered everywhere, very hard to find or get in a small delay. That mobo is great tho! You can play almost any games even if the graphics wont be @ ultrahigh, it will still be decent. - Buy Biostar GF8200 M2+ GF8200 mATX AM2+ DDR2 PCI-E 2PCI SATA2 RAID Video HD Sound GBLAN Motherboard - GF8200 M2+ In Canada.

So I need to find another motherboard...

It was easy at first. The higher the chipset numbers, the best the integrated video. :)
8200 is a big leap from the 6100... But then im a bit lost with the LGA775, 780G, 740G "Graphics Media Accelerator "(?) 3100...etc..etc...etc... theres many, MANY choices now. im lost

I can't find any documentation about thoses chipsets. Which is the most performant? Is it better or worst than the 8200? Will it be reliable?

But most importantly!!
Is there another motherboard equal to the biostar 8200 but with another brand name?


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