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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Eagle Eye View Post
Things that I see that could be a potential problem:

-Zalman 9500 will require a new bracket to be compatible, likely you will want to upgrade if you overclock I see temps being a problem.
-You really need to toss that HDD, while there might not be anything wrong with the old a new SATA drive is cheap and will be far faster.

Sorry I can't suggest anything regarding memory, motherboard or cpu I know far to little.

I am also buying a WD velociraptor 150gig that I will be using for everything except storage forgot to mention that. IDE is old I know
There are some clamps and crap in the box my heatsink came in, apparently it was 775 compatible, will it still be with the new socket?

And will temps really be a problem at 3.5GHz? My case provides a lot of air flow, the heatsink isn't record breaking or anything but it isn't terrible. Thanks for the help so far.
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