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7200.9 have jumper too

jumper on = sata 1st generation on - sata2 feature disable
jumper of = sata 2 feature enable

seagate use this because some Sata 1st gen controller wont reconize your drive if it have the sata 2 feature enabled

exemple of this : Hitachi use a dos base application that you use ona bootable floppy to activate/desactivate the sata2 feature, image yourseft doing a diagnostic onyour friend computer, which have a HDD trouble, you are smarter then otehr and plug his HDD witch is sata 2 in your sata 1 mobo, boot and the dman ?&$/$/?& thing dont recognise the hdd, so if its a seagte, you simply add the little jumper, and its done,

otherwise you will have to download the utility, make a bootable floppy or cd. replug the hdd in the sata2 mobo, desactivate the sata2 feature, unplug it. plug it back in the sata1 mobo and make your diagnostic properly

i vote for the jumper thing ;)
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