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Originally Posted by ebdoradz View Post
do you think that an older dual core system (read has my 2.8ghz dual core opteron socket 939) benefit in speed from having SSD drive??

or the cpu would simply bottleneck the drive? im looking to spend a couple bucks and im looking to get a ssd but i dont know if its worth it or not
It will definitely benefit from the SSD's speed factor, but I believe at this point, the cost factor of a drive, certainly for a lower-end machine( don't get me wrong here, I am not dissing your rig :) ) is still too high for me and many others out there. I would rather spend that cash updating main components in my rig!

EDIT I run V Raptors and even I'm envious of those numbers Prof! What did you bribe Santa with? :)~
That drive actually costed me an arm and a leg, an empty wallet and an empty house! The wife went with the boy to Florida for a week, on my expense ofcourse!
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