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Default Testing Intel Burn Test 64 and Prime 95 64 (Help?)

This morning I overclocked Core i7 920 to 4.0GHZ using Noctua NH U12P heatsink.
I passed the Intelburn Test 64 with no error. (maximum test,10 cycles).
The publisher claimed that this test is more practical than Prime 95 because it tells how the system is stable or not more quickly.

Two hours later I ran Prime 95 64(blend test) and it crashed and rebooted within 5mins.
I thought Intelburn puts more pressure into the system and I was glad to break 4.0GHZ mark without heating above 75C during intelburn test(the average all cores temperature at 100% CPU usage). It was disappointing to see that it failed in Prime 95.

I think CPU overclocking is fine but the optimizing RAM is the issue. Will run CPU Stability Test for 12 hours and see what happens. I use OCZ DDR3 Triple Channel Gold (8-8-8-24-74) 1600MHZ 3X2GB. Using 192 as my Bclck, it's not even running at it's full speed. The reason why I believe that it's a ram issue is because the computer froze during RAM benchmark of SisSoftware Sandra Lite 2009.SP2.

Here's my setting for BIOS(EVGA X58):

CPU Host Frequency: 192
Multiplier: 20
Turbo & Hyperthreading: Enabled
Other power saving options: Disabled
Memory Divider: 2:8,
Timings: 8-8-8-24-74-2T
Voltages: VCORE: 1.38125V (actual 1.39V @ idle, 1.41V @ 100% load)
DIMM: 1.65V (actual 1.68~9V)
QPI PLL: 1.375V
CPU VTT: 1.200V
IOH/ICH I/O: 1.55V

Lastly, what do I do to optimize RAM timing?

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