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For a good loooooooong while the Disk Drive has been the biggest bottleneck of any given system. IIRC a few years ago some pretty smart people took a look at the state of disk drives and they figured out that if you could ever get a disk drive to equal the horsepower made available by ultra fast ram (for the day) and a multi-gig cpu (pre multi-core CPUs mind you) your system would beat the snot out of any new systems for AT LEAST a decade.

....Long story short, SSDs will 99 times out of a 100 make a system seem faster (don't want to get into the whole Raid 5 w/ X hdds vs SSD vs IO controller vs blah blah blah). IF you can afford it...I would go for it....BUT if you can wait for a little while there is some pretty interesting tech coming down the pipe soon Might even be a Intel X25-M competitor.

EDIT I run V Raptors and even I'm envious of those numbers Prof! What did you bribe Santa with? :)~
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