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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Even if you manage to gain some speed in theory, you still will not gain any real world speed due to the lack of any ISP allowing the full speed flow of data. I have 10Mbps internet and have yet to see over 1.5Mbps when downloading. Only once did I get a download (from Microsoft) that ran 2Mbps. Not worth the chance of data corruption for only "spiritual" gains.
Thats because Mb and MB are 2 different things.

Internet providers and your network are measured in megabits, while file systems, and by extension, files, download speed statistics and etc are measured in megabytes. Mb = megabit, MB = megabyte.

For every 1 byte, there are 8 bits(8 bits in a byte). Using your "10Mbps Internet" means that you max downloading speed IS 10 megabits or 1.25 megabytes. If you are seeing speeds above 1.25MBps thats usually due to speed bursting by the Internet provider. For example depending on how your provider's set up, a 10Mbps connection will burst to 15 or 20Mbps for up 30-60minutes during a large HTTP/FTP file transfer.

Don't worry, on 10Mbps line, if your seeing speeds of 1 to 1.5MBps, your getting EXACTLY what your paying for.
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