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Default Atx Form Factor

Doing this reminded me off an earlier problem I had with SLI; the first time I did a SLI setup I put two of the earliest 2x combo cards on a single pci-e slot and SLI'd them. This did not work with their default heatsink/fans setup because the nature of warm air being lighter and rising created incremental heating problem as the cards went up veritically.

ATX form factor was designed with "office space" being a premium solution but doesn't address the normal physics of heat control, laying a case on its side like the earlier XT and AT models (if anyone is old enough to remember what those are) were the earlier 186 and 286 that had the case horizontally. I remember looking at some early generation dells that would channel the cooling from a fan in front of the case, go passed the small space above hardrives, then the ram, cpu and video card and end up with another fan to push the air out the back and though hmmm thats a pretty good idea for dealing with excess heat.

But having put together multiple rigs, I've come to the conclusion that the horizontal case is much better design from an over clocking or heating schematic as its easier to move the heat that is accumulating at the top of the case as due to the nature of physical laws, that's were warm air goes. Anyways just thought this might be pertinent as its one of the things I like to keep in mind when I start planning on how I'm going to put fan placement in computer cases I work with.

Though the only problem with this is cd drive is vertical, but from the advice of PS2 vertical loading, if you have a dvd/cd driver with a disc tray that holds it vertically, so long as you are careful loading the cd initially centrifical force keeps the disc in place.
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