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The two games don't directly compare. Cod4 is focused on small team play and has relatively larger player models to smaller tighter buildings/terrain. Cod:WAW goes the opposite direction scaling down the players and increasing the size of the world.

Cod4 works better as a slower game where one on one or one on many fights are most common. Which isn't to say you can't run around with a sub machine gun spraying at anything that moves or that team work isn't beneficial.

Waw works better with larger teams focused more on area control, group cover, and faster target acquisition required to keep up with more players. Which, of course, doesn't mean playing with bolt actions or running around all alone don't have their place.

A lot of the people who don't like waw seem to dislike it solely because it doesn't play exactly like cod4 and requires a player to adjust. Other then that it comes down to the same question of taste any game choice is based on. Some like this thing better and some like that. Some like to make silly polarizing statements about the dichotomy some element presents. I figure everyone just want more people to beat up on in what ever way they can best achieve an opponents humiliation.

Some last corrections:
Bolts are single shot head shots in regular post release.
Waw single player, not unlike cod4's single player, requires a player to move forward at certain points before the ai will stop spawning.
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