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My System Specs


Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
@Alwaysrun: Try OCingt those shaders a little as they have the most impact on folding performance...1500MHZ is pretty common and you are at 1400. Your core is clocked at 666mhz though so your chip might be at a limit. I have my core at 575mhz and shaders at 1550mhz pretty comfortably.
I got around to OC'ing the shaders and I tested it with COD:WaW multiplayer (just cuz I have had the card for a day and 1/2 and haven't played one game yet) 1680x1050 with every option maxxed out. Played great until there was smoke or heavy particles, explosions ect. and it would crash. I spent the next 2 hours playing and moving the shaders down until I hit 1458 and then it didn't crash anymore. One wierd thing about this slider I noticed, no matter what you set it to the real speed graph on the left moves in chunks of 54 incrementally. So if your slider is between two points that the shader can go to it'll just snap to either the higher or lower side of whichever increment it's closest to. After I got the shader level stable (more gaming fun) I figited with the GPU and mem a little and although I know it has little effect on folding I wanted to see how it would do so I did a modest OC on those and this is what I got.
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Temps got up to 86C and seemed a little hot blowing out the back of my case so I reattached my side panel fan which blows directly on the video card thus the overall lower temp that was 80C stock dropped to 72 with the OC.

Seems like a very modest OC chris but I guess it's not bad seeing the card was overclocked from the factory already. Color me happy regardless I reached 7k ppd. Yey!
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