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My System Specs


Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
I had an Asus M2N-E which could not deliver more than 1.95v to the Dimms, and I had 2.1v OCZ stuff that I had a devil of a time getting to work properly...I am not sure of that version of the "M2N" you have there has the same limitation but I would check. If it is the case and your 4GB kit needs 2.1 volts you might need to downclock it a bit to get it to work at a lower voltage. I would check just to be safe.

As for not letting your sister know its an older PC why not try to find some room for a brand new cheap case?
I'm still using an AMD setup for my sister as well lol.

Anyways, $200 to $250 is kinda hard, even if it is for your sister. Change the motherboard to an AMD 780 or 790 chipset, and get a AMD X2 5000+ instead of 6000+. Then just overclock it.

Throw in maybe $50 and get her the Antec Sonata III. Good PSU and case are very important.

If she's using Windows XP, 2GB will be enough. That's what I'm using for my rig and my sis' rig.

And I was in the exact same dilema before, and my sis and I had a fight on who'd get the current rig I'm using, and who'd get the AMD rig. Eventually, my mom came in and gave me the Intel rig, but only cus I was being like a bully, so I got a "free lecture" as well on why it was wrong and everything. Anyways, bottomline, tell her about it and make sure that she agrees to this.
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