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My System Specs


My main use for this computer is gaming, is there anything i need to change?
Hey Geokilla...I think the above line pretty much sums it up and is more than enough!!

EVGA nvidia GTX 295 Plus
If you got the cash why not?....although the GTX 280 right now is a sweet deal at $349 - $400

6GB of DDR3 1333MHz (overclocked to 1600MHz)
Sure...but no guarantees you'll get that OC out of it!
EVGA X58 motherboard
- yep the same one I just ordered!
Antec truepower quattro 1000W PSU (will this be enough for everything?)
Cannot comment on this PSU as I have no experience with it nor have taken the time to "Google" it...I however have found so far that my Corsair HX 1kW has been satisfactory running 280 SLI config
Core i7 920 (want to overclock to 3.8) (how may i go about doing that?) (whats a good after market cooler for that clock and higher?)
The same CPU I just idea or guarentees on OC, although as yourself I have read many getting popsitive results with this choice, personally I'm hoping for around 3.6 - 3.8 Ghz, anything more will be a bonus! EDIT: Went with the Thermaltake 120....$75 DC
Antec 1200 full tower case
Supposed to be very good for cooling and that is the main objective right?!
Anything that provides adequate cooling and room to work, as well as "nice to the eye" is what I'm after....hence the Silverstone!

In Geokillas defense, perhaps a budget??? That will help determine Case, GPU etc.....

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