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Originally Posted by crazyhorsejohnny View Post
Instead of the Antec power supply get either the Corsair or Ultra 1000W. The Ultra is currently on sale at Tiger Direct. For the case take a look at the HAF. Great price along with great quiet cooling and tons of room for hiding cables. Don't get a GTX 295 unless you have a 24 inch or more monitor.
Well I think you're fogetting that part of what you're saying is based on personal preference...
But I'll share my knowledge/opinion...

I do agree with crazyhorse that the Coolermaster HAF is far better for cooling and cable management than the Antec 1200 (just got the HAF myself) Although it's kind of worrysome that so many people are buying this case... They're sure to start popping up at LAN parties.

The only other thing I could suggest would be to change the vid card. It pains me to say it, but right now ATI's ahead in the game (no punn intended ) when it comes to gaming and GPUs. A nice one to go with would be the ATI 4870x2. About the same price as the 295 plus and it out-performs it too.

Excellent CPU choice... Great bang for buck!

Umm with the RAM make sure to get a brand name (especially if you intend to OC it) You'll thank yourself later Corsair or OCZ are good ones to go with. G-Skill's another good one.

Good Luck!
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