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Default Cheap Gamer/Websurfer for Sister.

1. As the title says, it's only going to be used for internet browsing, maybe a little bit of media, and light gaming (Think Sims 2, Spore, Tetris, a few Need For Speed games).

2. My Price range for this build is approx. $200 to $250 tax included. I am in the midst of building an i7 setup (waiting for parts to arrive) and am short on cash. I'll be re-using parts, so it's all good.

3. I'll be buying from Canada, and Canada only. I will buy stuff/pick it up from NCIX (cos I can price-match and I don't have to pay shipping )

4. My Sister doesn't know a Hard Drive from a DVD drive, so no brand preference. A good price/performance ratio is an asset.

5. I am re-using the Case, a DVD-RW drive, PSU, my old 8600GT, and old 2GB DDR2-667. I may use the 4GB DDR2-800 I have now if I can't sell it.

6. I read threads like this, although all were not from here, and not very many, because most are $1200 to $1500+ builds, XD

7. Minimal to No OCing. If a new game comes out and I need a bit of a boost, I might, but like I said it's not imperative.

8. I'd like to be building this ASAP, but otherwise there is no particular time frame.

My Current Setup:

Case: Re-Used, Generic, white case.
PSU: Re-Used 450W
Motherboard: Asus M2N-MX SE Plus: $65.55 - Pricematched
CPU: AMD Athlon 64X2 6000+: $85.50 - Pricematched
RAM: Re-Used 2GB DDR2-667/4GB DDR2-800
Video Card: Re-Used 8600GT
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250G SATAII HDD: $50
Opt. Drive: Re-Used LG GSA-H10N DVD Drive

Total, before taxes: $201
+Tax: $24.13

GRAND TOTAL: $225.13

What do you guys think? Pretty good, no? I know it's a bit...old, but my sis won't know XD
8GB DDR3-2133 CL9
2x XFX 7870
Adata SX900 256GB
Toshiba 1TB
Galaxy 1000W
Antec One
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