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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
Alrighty I'll try the shaders at 1500 and test it in 3dmark Vantage as I got a free copy with my card. One question though...How come EVGAs Precision Tool has the shaders and Core slider locked together? I can unlock it but I'm just curious to why they have the sliders moving in unison, is there some advantage to having the them maintain a certain ratio?
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Everyone seems to use RivaTuner but I'm ashamed to admit there's just so many options and it's rather bewildering to me.
I don't think there is an advantage to having them locked. I wondered this too when I first used Rivatuner to OC my 9600GSO and it seems that the core needs to be at or less than 1/2 the speed of the shaders so they lock them in these utilities.

I have not used Evga's Braineater has mentioned, looks a lot like Rivatuners page, but oddly, your screenshot has everything I use (core, shaders, fan) all in one spot there. I would not be too worried about Rivatuner...I picked it up just a short while ago and there are lost of sites and threads with screen captures on the internets to get you through the basics no problem. I am not sure if Evgas utility is specific to their cards, while Rivatuner can be used with many.
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