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Default Patriot Warp V2 64Gb SSD Prelim. Performance Benchies

Here are some preliminary numbers on the Patriot Warp V2 64Gb that Santa gave me this year! I compared the Patriot drive to my older Seagate 7200.10 250Gb drive(just for reference) and did things little bit different than what I would normally do. I used Windows XP, Vista Ultimate, Vista Ultimate 64-bit and the all new Windows 7 just to give things a little twist!

All these tests were run on fresh O/S installs and then they were updated with the latest drivers. The Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L uses the P35 Express chipset with the ICH9 sata controller on the southbridge. See sig for system specifications. Onto some pictures then?

The front. Isn't she pretty?

The back. Plain and without and extra USB connection, like some other SSD drives do.

An overview of all the benchmarks run on these two drives. On the left you can see the O/S and each column will tell you its value. Highest scores are marked in grey. The Seagate ATTO numbers were so unreliable that they could not be posted. Some runs the Seagate gave me over 1000MB/s in tranfer speeds!!!

XP - HD Tach run on both drives

Vista Ultimate - HD Tach run on the Patriot SSD

Vista Ultimate 64bit - HD Tach run on both drives

Windows 7 - HD Tach run on the Patriot SSD

When comparing the O/S, you'll see that in general, there is very little difference between them. I highlighted the highest/best scores in all colums. Check it out closely! As you can see, XP is the winner in all benchies except for the Crystal Diskmark runs.

So overall, theoretically, you can see that this drive is a great improvement over my old Seagate drive, but at what cost? My 250Gb Seagate is now available for $ 58 while the 64Gb Patriot Warp V2 cost $ 200 after rebates. Luckily for us NAND flash storage chips are getting cheaper every day so expect SSD prices to drop over the next few months. Practically or in 'real life', my system became a lot snappier, installing O/S is now a snap of a finger, transferring data is a lot quicker, opening programs or loading game levels is much much quicker too. Am I happy? Definitely!

Please feel free to post any comments, rants, etc. etc.
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