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Default Canadian RMA Experience

Hey all. I was looking at Supergrover's Support/RMA Links thread, and I had a thought about Canadian RMA. Its always different than the US, and its hard to find a good company to buy from because know one knows what Canadian RMAs are like. So.. I propose we make a thread detailing it, thats easily searchable.

Write a tiny review about the company and your RMA experience. This can apply to depot repair, product exchange, and retailer RMA as well! Try to follow this format:

Company Name: (company name)
Product: (product description and perhaps model number)
Warranty Period: (manufacturer warranty)
Date purchased: (approximate)
Date RMAed: (approximate)
Where it was sent to: Country, Province, City
Ease of RMA: (scale of 1-10)
Any extra fees?:
Wait time: (time it took to get the RMA completed)
Details: (detail the experience)
Satisfaction: (scale of 1 - 10)
If you have any ideas on how to improve this thread, PM me and let me know!

draemn has come up with a nice summary so far. Thanks!

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