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My System Specs


Added into the mix my new 260 Black Edition today. It's doing pretty good so far. FAHmon says 7373ppd running project 5758 (384 points) and takes 75 minutes each. I'm sure my average won't be that high because I haven't hit any speed bumps or those stingy WUs yet. Still a big leap from 2400-3100ppd my Radeon 4850 was getting before. I'm going to let this go for three days to see what the 72hour average is then I'll try to crank the shaders up and really see what this puppy can do.

For some reason the usual place I go to see my score isn't updating properly.
Hardware Canucks Forum Individual Users List - EXTREME Overclocking Folding @ Home Stats

I've had this running now 5 hours and haven't seen any points in the update. To see my real score I have to go to the stanford site itself. My team Name and number are correct so I dunno whats up. Maybe that site just isn't updating correctly. Also when I check my log it says I've sent results and Thanks for participating. I'm at a loss.
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