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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
I'd say its close, retail chips might be better, or they might be worse. Overall though, the results shouldn't stray too far, whichever way they go.
i am of the same belief. these are rather early batch results. lots of guys using even later ES chips were still getting as good or better results. my personal belief is that with proper air cooling, 3.6GHz should be the standard for the Phenom II at 1.55v. of course, until a month or so after retails are available...we can't tell for certain.

Originally Posted by burebista View Post
Excellent review for OC-ing an AMD. Long time no see those frequencies on an AMD.
It looks like our guys were lucky.
yeah, there is definitely good cold chips and bad cold chips. some of the others in the industry that i talk with on a regular basis found similar results to mine as far as cold bug goes. then some, found the cold bug free chips. because of NDA's it has been hard trying to put a 'map' together to see if there is a relationship between low cold bugs and manufacture date or memory controller batch codes but i am sure that info will start to float to the surface now that NDA is up and retails are available.

we hope to have a follow up article to this one with retail chips at a later date. the good news is that mid-range boards can handle these chips without issue. the MA790GP-DS4H has been rock solid with this Phenom II from day one...and it has been running pretty much 24/7 from the day i got it crunching away so it is definitely up to the task of 24/7 operation.
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