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Cool Some results

Haven't done a true stress test but it idles at 22 celsius on my Intel q6600, the asus mobo I'm using (P5QL PRO) is pretty decent really got me out of a bind with the 680i not supporting pc8500 ddr2, I don't have a space issue with this though my case has to squeeze in the evga 9800gtx but It'll do till the price on i7 chips & ddr3 mobos come down a bit. I'll have to let the 2006 stress test finish but overall its a good heatsink for its value.

Though be warned although the four plugs to set the base on the motherboard are easy to mount, the bottom of the chassy where the copper heat spreader contacts the chip needs tweazers (or someone helping with them) and you'll still have to thumbwrestle the 1/8" screws to the base with your screwdriver at a 45 degree angle. I've opted to lay my case on the side as a viable workaround but actually mounting it with screws is a task nanite robots need to be invented for.

Peaks at 32.5 degrees celsius on 3dmark06 cpu test drops to 28 during load times. 30.5 peak on the hdmr tests dropping off to 25.5 during load points. Each test runs 3 times, the values look pretty constant though I do have a front and rear fan mounted inside my case for airflow, and the temperature graph I got looks fairly consistant for all 3 tests, great for the 48$ canadian I paid for it plus shipping - pst since I bought it from an online store based out of bc and i'm in ontario.

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