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Default 4870 fan: Catalyst auto-fan is too aggressive

Sry if this is a no brainer, but I searched all yesterday and could not seem to find an answer that didn't involve flashing the bios. I'm not sure if its even possible buuut here goes.

My catalyst control center's automatic fan speed seems to be waaay too aggressive. Its probably because it's set to a card with the reference hsf's settings.

Even at 35 degrees celsius the card fan will never drop below 63% fan speed. I was wondering there were a way to adjust the automatic fan settings myself or if there were a less aggresive automatic fan setting?

Is it possible to make the fanspeed like 35% at 35 degrees and 67% at 45 degrees and 100% at 60 degrees?
CPU: E5200 @3.5ghz 1.232v [12.5*280](stock hsf)
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VID: Diamond HD4870
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RAM: G.Skill 4GB @ 576mhz (
PSU: Seasonic SS-400ET

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