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Excellent review. Actually read it an hour or two ago, looks like I hit the front page at exactly the right moment. Fortunately, I jotted down a few points to ask/mention when this thread finally was put up.

Honestly, as nice as the standard benching and stuff is, it's less-common stuff like that PWM fan cooling testing or the PCI-E lane testing that really make it shine. Silly little questions, but without actual testing, there's nothing more than a bunch of theories and opinions being tossed back and forth.

Nothing should be able to damage this package on its way to you, not even UPS.

Originally Posted by SLI Testing page
702MHz core / 1512MHz memory / 1188MHz shaders
Typo on core speed? And is that really the memory clock? Wow. Golden memory chips there.

Interesting on the results for the PWM cooler. Especially when the Sekisui fell short of the stock tape. Is the Sekisui unusually thin, that couldn't conform to the irregular surfaces of the circuits? Or if the Evga stuff just that much better? Also interesting how the units are apparently rated for a much higher frequency than offered. Wonder if they might allow a 1200Khz option in the future? Hot as hell, but it might offer that extra little edge.

Evga E-Leet: You can adjust the other stuff, does the software allow for adjustment of memory timings/subtimings?

NB cooler: Any comparison for noise? Say, compared to a 800rpm 120mm fan, or something similar?
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