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Originally Posted by CanadaRox View Post
For auto adjusting, you should be able to mod the BIOS with RBE and then just flash the card. Worked great on my 4870 (non-X2) before I put it under water.
sry whats RBE?

I was considering doing the same thing as you just mentioned, modifying the automatic settings.

The op is trying to find out how to have the gpu fan speed increase as the gpu temp increases, and decrease as the gpu temp decreases correct?

If thats so, I would love to know as well :D My fan speed never goes below 63% even at a gpu temp of 34 celsius and gpu load of 0%.

I tried that custom profiles method through the HardOCP link, but I'm afraid I'll forget to change profiles everytime I start playing a game.

Right now I'm googling and trying to figure out how :D. If anyone knows or if anyone can put up a linky I'd much appreciate it.
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