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Question HTPC record Rogers HD Tuner suggestion

This is the system I have purchased (the original PDF file setup link HTPC Build FILE), if you read the original post its to be setup on an HDTV with a Rogers HD box. I am now looking to order a Tuner card, I was originally going to purchase the Hauppage HVR-2200 Pci-E however I am discovering by reading posts in this forum that I cannot get an HDMI input tuner card and have to resort to Svideo or composite?

What I would like to know is which card is gonna let me record HD Rogers channels in the highest quality possible, and which operating system/software I should be installing on the system to get good recording.

btw the motherboard supposedly does 7.1 audio and the video card i purchased to offload the workload (thanks for the suggestion!) has DVI, VGA, HDMI output....

Any suggestions would be really appreciated as the HTPC is just sitting and waiting to be setup for recording TV

oh heres a pic of all the stuff hehe:
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