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Originally Posted by Unklmo View Post
so now i'm really stumped.
Q6600 or E6700 ? some reviews i've come across suggest the quads would not be the best choice for gaming as opposed to the E6700
don't mean to go off topic guys but i'm spinning in circles over this one.
sooo dizzy....

btw, i haven't quite figured out this "folding" thing yet, but it's got my curiosity roused.
I was talking about the Q6600 and the QX6700 quad core processors. I heard the Q6600 will drop down to about $300 USD, and the QX6700 to about $500 USD. But this is all speculation, and the official price drops haven't been announced yet.

With regards to gaming, I would personally choose a quad core versus a dual core CPU, just because of the fact that more is better. Although, some games are not yet designed to take full advantage of 4 cores...for now. It all depends on price and personal preference I suppose.

If you have no idea what Folding is, take a look at this article: Folding@home - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Personally, I think it's a great idea that benefits a good purpose. If I get a QX6700 or Xeon X3220, I'll install the folding client on my machine.
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