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Originally Posted by divertiti View Post
Thanks LCB001, I'm aware that under vista it can only use one of my GPU, but how come even on that GPU it's using only 50% of it? so essentially it's using only 25% of the card. Also I looked everywhere, overclocking options from AtiTrayTools to the Video Bios are only GPU and MEM, can't see shader speeds anywhere...
Oops, sorry I didn't read that right. I don't know that much about the Ati side of things, from what I can tell the theory goes something like, because the ATi cards have so many smaller shaders [stream processors whatever] as compared to the Nvidia fewer but bigger ones they tend to use much more of the CPU and can get bottlenecked on the smaller WU's. That shouldn't be a problem with your quad at 3.3.
As far as a OC utility goes I hope another ATi user can help, with a Nvidia card you can unlink the shaders from the core and OC them separately, I use Rivatuner for mine.
One thing you might want to check is to make sure its running in 3d mode, if its in 2d that might be the problem.
Another is to make sure the GPU client's core priority is set to 'slightly higher' and the SMP has it at 'idle' to prevent that bottlenecking...
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