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Originally Posted by LCB001 View Post
F@H sees a 4870X2 as two separate GPU's but does not take advantage of cards that are crossfired or SLI'd, these must be disabled. There is no way to disable the internal crossfire link in a X2 card under Vista atm, supposedly it's possible under XP.
If you are running XP you have to disable the internal crossfire and run two different Folding clients like you would for a multi-GPU set-up.
If you want more PPD bump up the Shaders only, the core and mem have little effect and can be underclocked...
Thanks LCB001, I'm aware that under vista it can only use one of my GPU, but how come even on that GPU it's using only 50% of it? so essentially it's using only 25% of the card. Also I looked everywhere, overclocking options from AtiTrayTools to the Video Bios are only GPU and MEM, can't see shader speeds anywhere...
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