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Question Is my O/C (temps and volts) safe for 24/7 folding?

I have a Q6600 G0 running at 3.3ghz (470x7) on a Asus P5K Premium. My temps at 100% folding load are 54-58c across the four cores according to coretemps. My vcore is 1.465v (left it on auto in the bios) load, 1.6v pll, 1.4v vnb, 1.4v fsb termination, 1.2v vsb, 2.25v on my 4gb of PC6400 running 941 mhz 4-4-5-13. AI suite reports my "system temperature" to be 40c under load. I have a fan blowing on both my NB and my ram, both of them stay relatively cool (just warm, not hot to the touch) under 100% system load. Relatively good case ventilation with an Antec 300.

I also have my 4870x2 underclocked to 500/500 under 2D windows and folding only puts 50% load on one of the two GPUs at that speed (no idea why it only uses 50% of the active gpu), GPUZ reports 68c on the active gpu under folding.

I just started folding and I'd like to help out by leaving my system folding 24/7, but I'm just worried if it would kill my system running it 100% stress 24/7. I've heard many stories on folding killing GPUs, I don't want that to happen to any of my components.

Considering I'm running quite high of a FSB and 1.46v on the Q6600, I thought I'd get some opinions. What do you guys think of those temps and volts? are they safe for folding 24/7?
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