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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
If your case is the one I think it is, an internal mount would be fairly easy, if you did it similar to my 900 with a dual rad.

The HDD's mount in the bracket by the PSU up top. Remove the front HDD cage. Mount rad to side of 5.25" cage, fans pushing fresh air through the rad from the outside. Now you have an internal triple rad mount.

See this thread for what I did for an internal mount. Most ideas should work for you.

SugarJ's 900 Internal WC Project

This would take up 9 of your 10 5.25" bays though.
Thanks SugarJ,

Nice work you did with your pc!
I think that probably, mounting the rad on top will work better for me(my rad is too big). If my rad was the same size as yours, I would not think twice and mount it the way you did. God job man.
Just to clarify, here is the link showing my case model:

Thermaltakeusa»Chassis»Full Tower»Armor Series»Armor+ : Armor+ VH6000SWA


-Cooler Master HAF X
-Asus Crosshair V
-Corsair H60
-Phenom II 955 black
-wd velociraptor 300g sata hd
-wd caviar black 750gb sata hd
-wd caviar green 1000 sata hd
-8gb (2x4) GSKILL RAM
-lg blu-ray drive
-asus dvd/cd drive
-enermax galaxy 1000W PSU
-Kingston card reader
-Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
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