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Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
You know you could mod your case to the max you can, but mounting your rad on the outside of the case allows the freshest air to hit the rad.. Exactly like Sswilson has his mounted, you could also buy L brackets and mount the rad horizontally, which would require little to no modding..

If you do decide to mount the rad straight down like wilson did, the easiest way for not modding I think is if you have spare or useless 120mm fans, just cut out the motor and wings and use the fan housing as spacers, that way you'll just might have to drill holes on the case to pass screws or you can use velcro to attach the fan housing to the case..

Thanks for your reply.

I think the set up on top of the case should be very cool.
I was considering to mount it right in front of the case but it would take too much room there(almost all my drive bays). Isntaling the rad on top is my new favorite choice!

Thanks again

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