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Originally Posted by pscout View Post
yep ... $530 (us) for q6700 ... the chart i have says q6700 not qx6700 so i dunno if it is a non X version?

but for 1/2 the price you could get 2 q6600's for the q6700

I expect to see a lot more big point producers in the folding world.

Hopefully some of you will come join us folding with these new babies on the HCF folding team .... with a bit of OC they will produce 3000-3500 ppd.
so now i'm really stumped.
Q6600 or E6700 ? some reviews i've come across suggest the quads would not be the best choice for gaming as opposed to the E6700
don't mean to go off topic guys but i'm spinning in circles over this one.
sooo dizzy....

btw, i haven't quite figured out this "folding" thing yet, but it's got my curiosity roused.
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