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Default LF Gaming Monitor

Hey guys looking for a gaming monitor upgrade.
Current LCD = Viewsonic Extreme vx922 19" 4:3 2ms response great color but the brightness is avg and contrast was avg IMO. Cant remember the xact numbers.
Anwyays im lookign to obviously go widescreen 16:10 preferably but 16:9 not out of the question at the right price. I originally wanted a 22 1920x1200 but found that to my knowledge only Lenovo makes 1 and its as expensive if not more then all the 24inch TN panels. If anyone knows of another 22 that does the 1920x1200 res at a reasonable price please let me know as id RATHR have 22in over the 24 24 is just too big IMO. That being said ill be running a ati 4870 so it seems a little silly to have a 1680x1050 panel but that might be what i do in the meantime until the 1920x1200 panels come down in price for good ones. for a 22 id budget 300 and for a 24 400ish both are flexible if its a good panel but dont want to spend a fortune or id mide as well just buy a 1080p big screen lol. Any suggestions? Id like it to have good settings for calibration of grayscales colors etc etc.
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