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Default New build for my brother

my parents asked me if i could build my brother pc. They're giving me a budget of nothing above 800 dollars(before tax)

My brother is a gamer, and i do plan on somewhat overclocking the computer, but im wondering what you guys think i should get.


8800gt/9x series? (note im not a fanboy, but ive just had better experiences with nvidia, going single card only, but possibly want to go 2 cards in the future,)

antec 900/Thermaltake armor/armor jr

Corsair cmpsu-750tx ( maybe less wattage if someone can give me an idea of how much ill need)

screen not included because we have a nice one already.

i dont follow much anymore the tech news, but have nvidia implemented the whole "2 graphics cards, 1 for graphics, one for physics"?

edit* looking at some prices at alone, i realize i may have my standards too high

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