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Default MoDT HTPC Build Log

Huzzah! I finally got my crap together from my old system and am/will be building a MoDT HTPC!!! For those that dont know, MoDT means "mobile on desktop". Ive bought, through various sources (*coughebayandncixcough*) a turion ml-32 1.8ghz processor to start my build, along with some of my old parts and/or parts that werent getting enough use in my main system.
First, The ATI Theater 650 HDTV Capture Card :

My Audigy 2 Zs pro platinum that i rave about, it will get more use here than in my main system:

A good ol' stick of OCZ PC-3200 Premium ram, 512megs.

And finally, my old beast, the ATI X800XL All-in-wonder AGP:

Parts on order (or waiting for it to arrive):
AMD Turion ML-32 1.8Ghz socket 754
MSI K8MM3-V Motherboard (Old and crappy, but its the best Turion board i could get that has AGP for cheap)
Logitech MX-5000 Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo (thanks to jjbigdog for this one!!)
Apevia X-Qpack2 case w/ 500watt psu included
Asus Sata DVD Burner
Zalman 7000 AlCu Cpu cooler (will be able to run without the fan almost for sure)

Let any and all tell of what they think of this build.... um, yeah. Opinions are welcomed. The more you get me to think about it, the better i can build the system.
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