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My System Specs


Ok. Let me all clear this mess up.

First the pump says 1/2" barbs, but they are 7/16" OD in reality. The edge of the fitting (where the boss is) is 1/2" OD.

The tubing that comes with the Ultra and Ultra+ kits is 7/16" ID, where resides the difficulty in installing that tubing on that pump.

7/16" OD barb and 7/16" ID tubing. That's why I wrote to heat the ends of the tubing (for expansion) prior to installing it - once cooled, it will shrink back to 7/16", thus making a very tight fit.

Now the Tygon is a true 1/2" ID tubing. With 7/16" OD barbs on the pump and 1/2" OD barbs everywhere else, it will be a breeze to install all that tubing - just make sure to properly secure the tubing using the clamps.

Now for that single reason, I strongly suggest to use 7/16" ID tubing - I only use that. It's a b*tch to install, but it's so tight that clamps are not necessary (but I still install them). But it is mandatory to heat up the ends (for expansion) for easier installation. Just be extra careful not to have any water drops on the components...


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