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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
Audiophile here,
Youre looking at the best 5.1 speaker system you can get for a pc. Possibly the best computer sound system period. It has analog ins, a digital coaxial input and digital optical input. The system puts out over 500watts rms of power, most of which is from its massive 10' subwoofer (approx 280 watts i believe). The ONLY reason i dont have these is because i have no wall/stand space to put the satellites. Instead, i bought the 5500's little brother, the Z2200 (not to be confused with the newer, less powerful z2300). Same front speakers as the 5500, similiar sub (small power amp) but the same amazing sound quality and power. The logitech Z series is the way to go for your computer audio needs (and in my case, lustful desires, lol).
Used to be that I'd vehemently dispute the claim of these speakers being the best computer speakers available, but since the Klipsch and Creative 5.1/7.1 sets are both discontinued, there isn't really anything of audiophile quality remaining on the multimedia speaker market.

A couple of bookshelves with a stereo reciever will destroy the Z-5500 in sound quality for the same price, and home built speakers will easily best them in terms of bass or SPL, but looking at a combination of price, ease-of use, volume and surround capability, the Z-5500 speakers do pretty well.

I'll still happily dispute the value of Monster cable though, it's far cheaper to buy low guage reels of cables from a hardware store.
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