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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Too bad it is evga. I wouldn't touch their boards if you forced me. I have many many horrible experiences with their boards.

QFT, I avoid EVGA boards like the plague, however the many issues they had could also have been due to the rather awful 790I chipset. I haven't heard of any major issues with their X58 board.

That's a really good deal on NCIX for $649.99. Theres also a complete i7 system for about $1700 if your interested. - Buy NCIX Antec 1200 PC Bundle Deal Core i7 920 X58 6GB RAM GTX 260 1TB HDD DVD 650W PSU -ASSEMBLED - NCIXPC-V6200 In Canada.

I highly doubt you would be able to find an i7 setup used since it has only been out for a month/month and a half and anyone who invested in it and has seen the performance increase, wouldn't be wanting to downgrade back to 775. If you really want the parts used, wait until Phenom II, I'm sure some will unload their i7 stuff for the new AMD chips/boards.

Unless you want bleeding edge or do alot of CPU intensive work where speed really matters, you would be fine with a 775 setup. It will be much cheaper as well. For an i7 build, I would expect to pay at least $800, for a CPU, Board, RAM (6gb) and a cooler to slap on the baby so you can OC it.

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